Klusters - Melding Minds
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This is the minisite of the second album - Melding Minds EP - of the electronic act Klusters.

The album was released on 25.04.16. The 'Melding Minds' guides you deep inside the world of the subconsious which was introduced in the debut album - Olbers' Paradox.
Musically it includes elements of contemporary pop, electronica and psychedelic rock.

Album art concept, photos, editing, microsite: Huba Taksony Juhasz
All songs and lyrics were written by Klusters.

Balazs Barcsa: programming, arrangements, vocals, guitars, bassguitar, synthesisers, piano, samples, drum machines

Huba Taksony Juhasz: arrangements, drums, percussions

Malla Kozaroczy: vocals, backing vocals
Recorded and mixed by: Balazs Barcsa

Mastered by Tamas Karoly
Listen to the Olbers' Paradox:

Klusters - Olbers' Paradox

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